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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maine needs Tax cuts and austerity more than ever.

The news is more dismal day after day. Maine raises taxes, taxable jobs and incomes are destroyed the government is starved of funds and taxes are again raised. Its a cycle that is winding down as Maine goes the way of Greece. Maine, the Mississippi of the Northeast continues to collapse under the heavy hand of socialism. No freedom, no jobs, only welfare parasites. Workers our young and businesses move out in droves while in their place come homeless, welfare recipients and families with dependent children and even parents with disabled adult children. (Truth be told most of them ARENT disabled they're really falsely diagnosed to make them go on SSI and enrich the lazy Marxists.) Governor LePage's efforts to save the Failing state of Maine have been thwarted by the Bolshevik Unions that hate America and the constitution and by leftist municipalities like Bangor Portland and Lewiston that shift taxes and squeeze more out of the poor. As a poverty state we also tax our poor too. Make 250$ at McDonalds, the government takes $60 away. Make $140 at Walmart the government squeezes $20 out of it. Complain about low wages and high taxes in earshot of a Democrat and kiss your job goodbye. Democrats hate jobs as much as they hate freedom. They want America to be poor and miserable just to say that the American dream has failed. Democrats want America to fail and in its place they want soviet style communism. They talk about tolerance and helping the little guy but if anything they do more to hurt the little guy and are the most intolerant people you will ever meet with. Hitler himself was a liberal who is praised in secret by the majority of Liberals. Just like Stalin who they openly praise and worship as a hero along with Obama. Maine like other leftists states needs serious austerity measures as well as tax cutting across the board. The welfare state must be gutted and its parasitic voting base encouraged to leave for other welfare dumps like Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island and California. The Travelers aid program and infrastructure will be the only things spared from cuts. Of course infrastructure will be reformed and no more outrageous pay to these bums. Also, no more public unions. The travelers aid program will be essential in moving all the lazy bums and welfare queens out of Maine. Not to mention those who want to work but can't find work. Moving them out into better states. Those who want to work can go to middle America while the welfare drek can go live in Skid row in LA and smoke crack. Since most of Maine's Welfare bums are white trash and many of the bums on skid row are African American and Hispanic I'm sure they're all gonna have lots and lots of fun XD HA! HA! HA! San Francisco and Boston are also nice for these pieces of crap. Deregulation should also be on the agenda. Especially with regards to environmentalist regulation. Its time for Maine to open up its doors to logging, manufacturing and mining. Drill baby Drill. The northern part of the state will certainly prosper greatly from this and hopefully the Fed wont get in the way either. It will take a lot sacrificing and a lot of hard work but if we start now, in 10 years there will be greater results. Surely Maine will prosper greatly and at the least Maine's economy will improve and show Maine to be many notches up in the list of best places for business. At least in the Middle. WHo knows? If we can get Tabor passed we can be a success the way Colorado was after It passed Tabor. This probably will not happen since Republicans have all fled the state and since Maine's population is now mostly lazy and liberal. They hate America, God and the constitution. If Austerity and tax cutting cant take effect there may be one other solution to the problem. Sell the state to Canada. Let them wallow in socialism and poverty. Or we could just give it Back to Massachusetts.


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Austerity? HELL NO!


Unless you work for the government or are a bum on skid row

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If you don't believe me go to Michigan or Pennsylvania. Or even worse Upstate NY

Liberals hate this country so bad.