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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Catholic church Builder of civilization

A Catholic colleague of mine asked me to put this on my blog. It's a series on EWTN that shows that the early church rather than suppress science actually promoted it! The episodes show that the church was responsible for the sciences and for modern civil liberties amongst the many accomplishments of medieval monks priests and bishops. You wont hear about this on PBS on Jack Chick's crazy tracts. The Catholic Church - Builder of Civilization,


Austerity is always the result of socialism

Just want to recap on my previous article and yes I know I've been away, I have another child and have been busy. The fact is that Austerity is always the result of taxes and government control. The government cannot create wealth it can only take it and put it in the hands of the have nots (unionized bums, crack addicts, single teenage moms)At the same time it sucks that wealth out of the private sector. Adding this to tight government restrictions on individual rights and business rights leads to loss of jobs and profit and in turn a drying up of the tax base less incomes more poverty and soon the government cannot support anymore. So now in addition to a loss of jobs freedom and wealth there are now no longer any programs or supports or handouts. This also leads to crime and death. The government is the enemy of business and wealth. Socialism fails every time it is put in practice because as Margaret Thatcher beautifully put it you eventually run out of other people's money. This is austerity in a nutshell. You run out of other people's money. And what about those evil mean nasty rich white folks the left shills about? They are sitting pretty thanks to corporate welfare, outsourcing and by passing the buck on the consumers to compensate for taxes and regulations. There is only one cure for austerity. An end to taxation and regulation an end to unfair rules that do not do good and an end to all restrictions on individual liberty.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maine needs Tax cuts and austerity more than ever.

The news is more dismal day after day. Maine raises taxes, taxable jobs and incomes are destroyed the government is starved of funds and taxes are again raised. Its a cycle that is winding down as Maine goes the way of Greece. Maine, the Mississippi of the Northeast continues to collapse under the heavy hand of socialism. No freedom, no jobs, only welfare parasites. Workers our young and businesses move out in droves while in their place come homeless, welfare recipients and families with dependent children and even parents with disabled adult children. (Truth be told most of them ARENT disabled they're really falsely diagnosed to make them go on SSI and enrich the lazy Marxists.) Governor LePage's efforts to save the Failing state of Maine have been thwarted by the Bolshevik Unions that hate America and the constitution and by leftist municipalities like Bangor Portland and Lewiston that shift taxes and squeeze more out of the poor. As a poverty state we also tax our poor too. Make 250$ at McDonalds, the government takes $60 away. Make $140 at Walmart the government squeezes $20 out of it. Complain about low wages and high taxes in earshot of a Democrat and kiss your job goodbye. Democrats hate jobs as much as they hate freedom. They want America to be poor and miserable just to say that the American dream has failed. Democrats want America to fail and in its place they want soviet style communism. They talk about tolerance and helping the little guy but if anything they do more to hurt the little guy and are the most intolerant people you will ever meet with. Hitler himself was a liberal who is praised in secret by the majority of Liberals. Just like Stalin who they openly praise and worship as a hero along with Obama. Maine like other leftists states needs serious austerity measures as well as tax cutting across the board. The welfare state must be gutted and its parasitic voting base encouraged to leave for other welfare dumps like Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island and California. The Travelers aid program and infrastructure will be the only things spared from cuts. Of course infrastructure will be reformed and no more outrageous pay to these bums. Also, no more public unions. The travelers aid program will be essential in moving all the lazy bums and welfare queens out of Maine. Not to mention those who want to work but can't find work. Moving them out into better states. Those who want to work can go to middle America while the welfare drek can go live in Skid row in LA and smoke crack. Since most of Maine's Welfare bums are white trash and many of the bums on skid row are African American and Hispanic I'm sure they're all gonna have lots and lots of fun XD HA! HA! HA! San Francisco and Boston are also nice for these pieces of crap. Deregulation should also be on the agenda. Especially with regards to environmentalist regulation. Its time for Maine to open up its doors to logging, manufacturing and mining. Drill baby Drill. The northern part of the state will certainly prosper greatly from this and hopefully the Fed wont get in the way either. It will take a lot sacrificing and a lot of hard work but if we start now, in 10 years there will be greater results. Surely Maine will prosper greatly and at the least Maine's economy will improve and show Maine to be many notches up in the list of best places for business. At least in the Middle. WHo knows? If we can get Tabor passed we can be a success the way Colorado was after It passed Tabor. This probably will not happen since Republicans have all fled the state and since Maine's population is now mostly lazy and liberal. They hate America, God and the constitution. If Austerity and tax cutting cant take effect there may be one other solution to the problem. Sell the state to Canada. Let them wallow in socialism and poverty. Or we could just give it Back to Massachusetts.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

oldfartrants preaching liberalism

refuting oldfartrants allegations

Hey everyone I thought Id post this concerning allegations that have made headways regarding allegations by oldfartrants about me and my associates. I had heard that a friend of mine the rev. Machias Houlton was imprisoned in Germany. Well I went there and tried to find out info there but Mac wasn't there. I dont know what happened. His wife told me about it. Mac's real name is lost to me. In fact I met him in person probably once. He goes on the internet preaching. He also preaches in real life. Well Oldfart began to press me and threaten to spread lies if I didint claim that he was never there after a friend of his supposidly didnt find him. He also threaten to spread lies about my business and maybe even reveal my address. I explained that my yt accounts WERE real. Most of them left however. Only illinoislibertarian2 is around. Lo and behold Mac Didnt really go to jail but he got blocked by oldfartpants. Me too. Rhodeislandpatriot is also wandering. I also heard that Biddefordgop started a new account as a white supremacist. He also made light of my involvment with Lee Doren, Alec and other groups. Groups fighting against anti capitalist anti american marxist thugs. Lee Doren has also gotten some flack. I pointed out that yes I did meet him but he doesnt remember. Apparently Oldfart got him to go after me too. I don't know what the deal is. As for my fellow bloggers, these are people I have met who are libertarian who are fed up with the government letting them down. Many of them are in poverty and the government is thwarting them from getting out of poverty all because of marxism and government control. Now and again I help them out. But according to oldfartrants and his henchmen turnofffox and zangarozen2 I am bribing them to go against their best interets. OH REALLY! As opposed to taxing nearly all of what little they earn to pay the bums in the projects? As opposed to preventing new jobs with government communist controls? And then he has the GAL to compare me to Goebeles when he tries to shut my network down and ban my video and have me suspended for 2 weeks. Oldfartrants is an atheist and communist who wants the government to pay for his retirement at the expense of the workers. He wants the government to rule over us like in the liberal USSR. He also wants to make it illegal to teach religion. I have a video about it I will post in awhile. Check it out. At any rate I have been doing very little lately concerning my blog and YT account. I have been preoccupied with raising my tot and paying for my house. Not much new to talk about. Obama ruining america and so on. Mitt Romney blah blah blah. Then theres that nerd Illinoislibertard who got me banned from FR for a year and some other stuff. Thats all for now. Check back later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've decided to call it quits for my blog for now. I have a family and business to run, a baby to care for and other things happening. I WILL be coming back probably. Feel free to comment. I will get around to moderating in good time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kelly thomas beating and Mainestategop twitter hacked

I've been compelled to do an article about the Kelly Thomas beating. I mentioned this off and on on YouTube and a few other places and it turns out that although as I have stated it proves that liberalism is the same as fascism that didn't stop some liberal from smearing me and my website.

It turns out this beast broke into my twitter account and has been posting on twitter and various websites, myself posting the following abhorrent comment:

Kelly Thomas was nothing but a psychotic Criminal bum and parasite who leeched off taxpayers and was a nuisance. If you’ve lived in big cities you know the mentally ill have no place in our communities.


THE FACTS: Kelly Thomas had a violent criminal record
Kelly Thomas received SSI (homeless SSI bums are responsible for 1/3 of all crime in the US, 45% of crime in the state of CA. SSI and Social security. Are responsible for 2/3 of our national debt and 40% of unemployment due to higher taxes on business.)
Kelly Thomas was addicted to drugs and used his SSI to use marijuana and Crystal Meth
Kelly Thomas was arrested outside a Coffee Shop in Fullerton while panhandling and shouting derogatory curses at customers and passers by. When police arrived and questioned him, he was incoherent and belligerent and began attacking the cops who after tackling him to the ground took him to custody. He tested positive for Crack. Unfortunately he was released without being charged thanks to manipulation by Jew Communist attorneys who accused police of brutality.
Kelly Thomas was always belligerent towards police and When he was arrested he assaulted the cops with a Rusty nail and caused broken bones.
According to liberal media, Officer Cincenelli lost his from a shooting while working for the LAPD. A Lie. In fact, Kelly Thomas Gouged out Officer Cicinelli’s eye with his nail.


Well, anyone who has been to my blog frequently knows that I have never said those things that I am in fact a supporter of homeless people and that homelessness in truth is because of the loss of freedoms and rights such as private property rights, the right to seek work without hindrance ETC. Social security and its sharing of information doesn't help that very much Id like to add.

Also look at some of the inaccuracies, first of all two officers not all six were on trial, Officer Cicinelli's eye was lost before he worked for the city of Fullerton while working for the LAPD and further these two other inaccuracies: Kelly Thomas was not violent. His only violent act was when he was 17 and assaulted his grandfather which in turn lead to his diagnosis and finally this thing that mentally ill recipients of SSI are violent. NO! Matter of fact it is rare for them to be violent, and furthermore they are actually more likely to be victims.

If you've seen my blog I have actually chronicled how liberals are using ssi to force innocent people into homelessness. I have written about these things time and time again. Do I come across as someone who would hate on the mentally ill and/or homeless people? Its thanks to liberalism not people like me that these people suffer and are now second class.

I have also been to various forums condemning this incident, on one forum, an idiot like the one who hacked my twitter account said that Kelly Thomas was at fault and I condemned him and pointed out that his solutions for ending homeless would in fact worsen homelessness and lead to atrocities and abuse.

As for the hacker, I'm already at work trying to rectify the situation. I'm posting this article on twitter and getting the word out that mainestategop has off and on supported the rights of homeless and mentally ill that are under siege by liberals.

One last thing, I will say that I am outraged that the FBI and Fullerton DA will not release the video of the beating that took place. This is proof that we cannot trust our government and that our government is our worst enemy.