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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why Government is the cause of all problems not a solution

The following is a comment I recieved on youtube from a socialist in Europe who opposed human rights and particularly homeschooliing. He also stated that individual rights take a back seat towards the good of a nation. Just like in Hitler's liberal Germany.

the question of homeschooling. This, along with too many issues, comes down to whether we as a society should protect the idiots from themselves. A well run modern country has a perfect mix of socialism and capitalism. People shown in this video are the reason we don't have that. They [Cruz, Trump] want hardly any government and almost 100% capitalism. Sorry, but a country just can't be run that way. It wont work.Now that is why I said they're stupid.

Of course its not possible. Mix Socialism and capitalism and the socialists undermine the free market and the quality of business and both worker and executive take a back seat to the big failing government. A true capitalist society is a free one. One with a free market for all ideas and inventions with extremely little government in the way. But in Europe the greater good (which is a communist term for government gets the lions share of your wealth) gets a front seat and freedom and liberty are nixed.

And that along with the comments boils down to why socialism always fails and why government planning always fails. To protect idiots from themselves by having government intervene one would have to decide who or what is an idiot. There would have to be someone with certain so called qualifications as decided by the government to decide who qualifies and who doesn't. Who gets to decide who's an idiots, who's capable of caring for themselves and who can't? This is what communism and liberalism all teach and yet they can't see how flawed it is.

Someone must be qualified to decide who is an idiot. Someone chosen by the government and like all bureaucrats these people are loyal to said government and are usually handpicked thanks to back scratching.

This person or group of persons now decides whether person a b or c is qualified or unqualified for human rights and civil liberties. The liberal fails to take into the account that this person will brand a b or c based on social predjudices, or political leanings. The decider can decide that a is an idiot because he is poor and ugly not because of any mental trait while b is quantified as an idiot because of a mistake he/she made as a youth as well as a minor hang up during testing. C is branded an idiot because of the deciders dislike of his/her ethnic background because he/she is a dissenter against government and/or because  of a learning disorder. IE: He/she is good at some subjects here at school but not these subjects here.

So just because this person is not well rounded in educational matters the deciders decide he/she is an idiot.

The RESULT: A B and C have  their rights terminated by the government and now must be forced by the government to do what they say not as they do. If the government fails to take care of them and one or all of them die its no consequence to the government because society has now accepted under socialism and liberalism that government is infallible in all matters and therefore is qualified to care for people like A B or C who are unpopular groups based on whatever so no one cares if they suffer or die as a result of failing government.

Sadly this is now happening in America as well as Europe thanks to public apathy and acceptance of government rule.

On my blog I chronicled several instances of innocent human beings who's lives have been ruined thanks to government control. The reason I started my blog was after a friend of mine from Maine had his bank accounts seized by the state and his family because he was alleged to have Asperger's syndrome, a fictional disorder because he was bullied as a child. He is now homeless thanks to the left. Another person I know had his home seized under eminent domain and was put in a mental hospital because he stood up to the government. He lost his job as a result and is now destitute.

In addition, guardian abuse, eminent domain, payee abuse, SSI conspiracy ETC. all are legal and are supported by liberals.

So you see, government is the enemy, government is always the problem and never ever a solution. This is why America used to be the greatest nation in the world. Because we had more individual freedom than any other country in history. Now unfortunately, that's over with. America is now like Europe we believe that an individual's rights should be shelved for community good IE: The community dislikes a certain person and uses the government to aid in burning down his/her home and chasing him/her out which is very common I should say in New england and California. Especially in south central LA where the hispanics are forming gangs like MS-13 and ethnicly cleansing blacks. All with the consent of LA liberals and their government.

America is not a democracy, it is a republic, America is capitalist not socialist. The two can never become one. If they do and if our republic is shelved for mob rule by degenerates and marxists America will be lost...

Maine: The way communism should be logo

Saturday, February 13, 2016

No Gods allowed (banning religion in schools)

Hey everyone today I have for you all a cartoon I wrote after getting inspired from watching peanuts snoopy and Charlie Brown with my son. My co-worker sang the theme. Enjoy!

Gasoline and food costs the same (still)

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

Well we are now living in a time when we are being told that there is a shortage of oil and food. The demand for food and gasoline is up but the supply has not gone up and that means higher prices. It now costs 5$ for a bag of rice, 4$ for a gallon of gasoline and it's going to get worse! The cost of living is going up and it's because of taxes, oil cost and those Democrats! Well I want to say that the above is true except there's just one thing that you should know...

The cost of living has not gone up at all. That's right! Four gallons of gasoline costs a dollar, a bag of rice costs less than a dollar, just like it did fifty years ago. "HUH!? HOW'S THAT!?" You ask. Well let me ask you this, what if I told you that we are all being robbed and having our hard earned wealth taken from us by the government? You would say, "Tell me somthing I don't know!" Well that's exactly what is going on. If we have such a shortage of fuel, why are we building new gas stations? Wheat production is at around 40 to 80 percent higher than ever, theres enough for food and biofuel and there's new farms coming up, what gives? The answer is simple, its not that life is more expensive, its that the value of the dollar has gone down.

America is losing it's wealth, because we have switched from a gold standard to a fiat money system that is controlled by unscropulous bankers and politicians in our own government. Starting in 1912 with the founding of the Federal Reserve by Woodrow Wilson (D) followed by the closing of our mints by Franklin D. Roosevelt, (D) our government with the help of evil bankers has been misallocating and contracting the nation's money supply. It has lead to massive inflation, economic recesions and depresions and has worsened them. The value of our dollars go up while gold becomes more valuable. The private cartel of evil bankers are hoarding their money through Silver, gold and platinum which go up while our dollars go down which is useless paper. The paper currency has gone back to the olden days when people traded with gold coins also called ounces. 1000 copper coins or ounces was generally worth one gold coin. Trade was also done with Silver coins. Overtime the people became more and more wealthy and the supply of silver and gold increased, merchants and banks began to issue paper currency which stated that so and so was free to take this much gold from my vault. These bank notes as they were called became more and more common yet the bankers began to exploit the value of these notes. The notes that were once worth 100 gold ounces became worth 50 gold ounces, then 30 gold ounces and the value goes down. congress once had the awesome power to decide the value of currency. Now it is done again by private corrupt bankers with little or no safeguard for the rest. Our money in the banks and in our wallets have become more and more useless and the power of our savings have gone down while the value of gold goes up.

Practically all governments of history, have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people." Gold stands in the way of this process; it is a protector of property rights. -Friedrich von Hayek

Gold is not necessary. I have no interest in gold. We'll build a solid state, without an ounce of gold behind it. Anyone who sells above the set prices, let him be marched off to a concentration camp. That's the bastion of money. - Adolph Hitler

Anyone buying gold as an investment is hoping that the dollar sinks in order to turn a profit. - Anonymous

Long ago the Dollar was as good as gold. Now it is worthless as the paper and low grade metals it represents.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Back by popular demand: Falsehood and danger of Asperger's syndrome. (no such thing as Asperger's)

Yes folks there is no such thing as Asperger's syndrome. Its just an invention to destroy lives, blame the victim and promote socialism. Here back again is the article you wanted.

Over the past year I have been going over articles about Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's syndrome is considered to be a highly functioning form of autism yet it is also considered to be a disability. Members of the autism community have worked for years trying to downplay the severity of the disorder. I first heard about Asperger's in 1998 while watching a documentary.

Asperger's disorder was first invented by a German doctor named Hans Asperger. (the disorder was named after him.) Asperger did study on children who though they were bright were considered awkward. The world health organization began to use it shortly after his death in 1980 and then by the American Psychiatric Association when it became an official diagnosis in the early 1990s.

Several states including Maine require that children entering school be screened for Asperger's disorder and the criteria for diagnosis has been expanded and over stretched. In the years following the inclusion of Aspergers into the DSM, diagnosis has skyrocketed throughout the nation.

The diagnostic criteria itself is broad and based on certain traits that have nothing to do with mental state but more on social and economic status. Consider a few of what the DSM-IV considers diagnosis, failure to socialize with peers, restricted repetitive interests and inability to find work.

First there is the failure to socialize with peers, this broad criteria applies mainly to children who are feral, who are victims of bullying and abuse. This can also apply to children who are victims of sexual abuse. One victim was diagnosed because he was sexually assaulted by a classmate at school.

Second, there is restricted interests. People especially children are diagnosed simply because of an obsessive and repetitive interest. Owning a rock collection or collecting stamps falls into this category. The current prime minister of Japan is suspected of having Asperger's because of his interest in Anime. This does not take into account individuals who live in restricted settings where their interests and hobbies are curtailed and limited to a few places.

Third and probably another danger is failure to be employed at a job. This does not take into account, economic situations as well as a lack of educational opportunities. Not having a job can be a way to be diagnosed.

The criteria is dangerous as we will see in that anyone can be labeled with Asperger's and with that lose their freedom. Under this broad criteria, everyone of us is in danger of having our freedom and liberty taken by the state in the name of mental treatment.

Though Asperger's patients are viewed as highly functional and intelligent. The Psychiatric community as a whole does not really see it that way. Asperger's is viewed as a form of mental illness such as schizophrenia, autism and bipolar and even grouped as mental retardation. Many times those labeled with Asperger's find themselves under involuntary commitment, guardianship or other situations where they are deprived of liberty and Independence. Many are committed to institutions, other find themselves homeless or in extreme poverty.

I myself have seen the devastation and have told about it on this blog. Stories about innocent people who, because they are outcasts, because they are different or because they have no job are relegated as second class citizens. They are deprived of their liberty, their property and assets.

The media is 50/50 when it comes to portraying Asperger patients. On some instances you will see news stories about bright young children and maybe a TV show about some character with Aspergers such as Jerry from Boston Legal. On other occasions there is talk of how Asperger sufferers are considered to be marginalized and even violent. Several school shooters including the Columbine kids have been labeled as having Aspergers and the news sensations have not done well in depicting them.

All in all, most have been marginalized or denied freedom all because of a diagnosis of Asperger's. A diagnosis as I have said before that is broad and inaccurate. Aspergers is a good way for the government to control and oppress the innocent and for family members to abuse and persecute their family members. The social security administration has also considered individuals with aspergers to be eligible for SSI and that means they can be scammed and have their assets confiscated using the program.

Rod Parsley and his wife Joni are well known televangelists. Rod is pastor of Breakthrough covenant church in Columbus Ohio and they know full well the devastation of Asperger's. Their son, Austin Chandler was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of two. The doctors were cold toward the Parsleys. In an interview Joni described the tragedy especially when the doctors gave a list of things that Austin would never do. This included finishing school, getting married, holding a job, driving a car riding a bike ETc.

That certainly doesn't sound like a high functioning disorder doesn't it?

The parents were advised to lock up their son in an institution. The parsleys however were not prepared to go quietly. They did not accept what their doctors said and chose to raise Austin as they saw fit. Today Austin is a bright young teenager in high school with a bright future. He is also planning to enter the ministry.

Not everyone is as fortunate as Austin.

Consider Kyle Prince. A web administrator with a wife and a career and bright future. Kyle was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome by a doctor in Acadia Hospital in Bangor Maine after his father physically coerced him to go. After the diagnosis his father was able to destroy his life. Add to this the death of his wife left him in greater shambles. He lost his job and his home as a result and became homeless.

Kyle was diagnosed because he had been raped as a teenager in high school and was bullied there. The faculty and staff did nothing about this. His parents also did nothing and blamed him for what happened. In all of Kyle's jobs, he was required to perform tasks that someone with Aspergers couldn't. He had to recognize faces, communicate efficiently, socialize ETC. But despite being able to do that he was diagnosed anyways.

Currently he is living off SSI. The checks pay barely enough to survive on and he has had to rely on food pantries and charity to get by. His chances at employment have also been affected harshly since many employers have refused to hire him because he was homeless and because he was receiving SSI. Some have even told him in his face why! Its all because of psychiatry that this happened.

Also consider Nate Tseglin of Huntington Beach. Nate was a bright High school student, he had a black belt in Karate but when his parents moved him to schools in Orange he had trouble adapting and was picked on and ostracized by classmates. School psychiatrists diagnosed him with Aspergers despite his recent accomplishments and even though he had been well liked in other schools.

The school also didn't look at Nate as a high functioning individual either. He was taken out of honor classes and put in special ed classes. He was also forced to take strong psyche meds that caused him to have seizures. His parents tried alternatives that worked such as homeopathic therapy but the school and government mental health workers were not impressed and demanded that nate be put back on his meds. They refused and he was taken away and put in a group home. He also was put back on meds and once more had reactions to them.

Nate Tseglin ran away from the group home after repeated abuse by staff back to his parents. This time the state took him and placed him in Fairview Developmental center, a former mental asylum that was supposed to be a place for helping mentally disabled and severely mentally ill teenagers and adults to be independent. That was not the case. Nate was given worse drugs than before, he was placed in a dorm with violent inmates and was kept locked in an isolation cell with no entertainment and fed sparingly. His doctors wrote that he was invalid and recommended indefinite incarceration in an institution.

The Tseglins found out that another reason they were not allowed to see their son and care for him was because according to staff at Fairview, they had the wrong set of beliefs. The Tseglins defected from the USSR in the 1980s and were activists in their community. The staff claimed that they had bizarre and unhealthy mindsets about the government and psychiatry that had to change.

This ordeal lasted for over a year. After a successful lawsuit and an outcry by local activists including activists on the web like yours truly, Nate was set free. Unfortunately Nate still suffers permanent damage from what happened. He will probably never grow up to meet the potential he once had. The parents are planing a civil suit with help from the Citizens commission on Human rights and the ACLU.

So as we can see dear reader, Asperger's is not about high function, its about marginalizing people who are victims and who are poor. You would think something like this especially involving Kyle Prince could only happen in Islamic dictatorships or some backward village in South America. It happened here in our own nation America the land of the free.

As psychiatrists focus more on promoting tyranny of the state and marginalizing the innocent rather than healing minds, we will see more and more labels aimed at innocent people who are only trying to struggle day by day and we will see even greater tyranny here in America.

Michael voris videos churchmilitant.tv

Some excellent videos from Michael Voris and the cortex including some historic vids on the inquisition, the crusades and the history of Jihad and Islamic conquest and expansion.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Voter ID law opponents are exposed as Democrat voting frauds!

If you want to know why Democrats are really against voter ID laws and registrations here's the reason down below in this video that exposes Bernie Sanders supporters attempting to swing the elections in favor of communism in New Hampshire of all places! New Hampshire enacted Voter ID laws because of the expose done by Project Veritas Truth and the Free state movement along with the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets which found voter fraud rampant in our last election in Straford and Rockingham county in particular. 4 years later we see again, Bernie Sanders communist Democrat supporters trying to bypass and get dead people to vote.

GRANDPA was an Eagle scout
A 33rd degree mason
and he fought in the second world war.
Was a deacon down at the baptist church since 1964
bought clothes for the homeless
toys for the orphans
on top of giving his tithe
voted religiously, straight GOP
never missed that election in his life!
So it took us by surprise
when we heard on the news last night...

and our family aint proud of that
we thought it was a joke when the big news broke
of them counting his vote
now were wondering how he cast it
from inside his casket
it sure seems funny to me how they got his absentee
Grandpa voted Democrat! Now he'll never rest in peace!

From the way it sounds they had a good turnout
From down at the mount olive graveyard
Over 90% of the residents crawled out with their voter card
Its all over the news and their wondering who's
caught up in the voter fraud
And how a good mans name can be smeared this way
While his six feet under the sod!
It sure took us by surpise he's been dead since 1995!

and our family aint proud of that
we thought it was a joke when the big news broke
of them counting his vote
now were wondering how he cast it
from inside his casket
it sure seems funny to me how they got his absentee
Grandpa voted Democrat! Now he'll never rest in peace!

This is one November I don't want to remember
Grandpa voted Democrat now he'll never rest in peace!